Southbound I-35 Episode 53

On This week’s episode I review Jason Eady’s Self Titled Album, THe Hummingbird’s 13 Days as well as talk to SG Wood about their music as well as 4 Texas Wants You Anyway Shout Outs and 4 Shout Outs, all that and The Powell Brothers and Gary P Nunn concerts!


Concerts: 1:00

The Powell Brothers:

Gary P Nunn:

Jason Eady:5:17

Hummingbirds: 18:45

Interview 33:08

TWYA Shout Outs: 54:47

Diff and Dudley:

Russ Still:

The Darlins:

Blake Berglund:
Pre Order Realms:

Shout Outs: 59:35

Marty Heddin:

Cody Jinks:

Brent Giddens:

Ace of Spades:


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Southbound I-35 Episode 26



On this week’s episode I review Aaron McDonnell’s upcoming EP Get Gone, Josh Vincent’s EP Small Town Stuff, interview Aaron Mcdonnell about his past year in music, talk to The Hummingbirds about their music, cover some concerts, and shout outs.

The Hummingbirds:

Corey Branan:

Dan Johnson and the Salt Cedar Rebels:

The South Austin Moonlighters:

Aaron McDonnell:

Josh Vincent:

Dillon Myers:

Mandy Rowden:

Jason Scott:

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Southbound I-35 Episode 25


This episode marks one whole year of Southboubd I-35!

I will be talking about the past year, reviewing Charlie Stout’s Dust and Wind: Flatlans Murder Ballads and High Plains Hymns, Dolly Shine’s Walkabout, Interviewinf Aaron Einhouse and more!
Chris Beall:
Charlie Stout:
Dolly Shine:
Walkabout by Dolly Shine
Aaron Einhouse:
It Ain’t Pretty by Aaron Einhouse
Dan Johnson:
Bootlegged: Live from Midnight Rodeo – EP by Dan Johnson & The Salt Cedar Rebels
The Hummingbirds:
13 Days by The HummingBirds
Jesse Taylor:
The W Lovers:
Canyon Wind – Single by The W Lovers
Tom Bennett:
The South Austin Moonlighters:
Ghost of a Small Town by The South Austin Moonlighters
The Resentments
Jeff Plankenhorn:
Garner Sloan:
Old Heart, New Road by Garner Sloan
Josh Vincent:
Small Town Stuff – EP by Josh Vincent
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