Southbound I-35 Episode 57


On this week’s episode I’ve got an EP Double Shot with Southern Ashes’ Back of My Mind (Plus an interview) and Jake Ward’s Not Too Far to Reach as well as a look at Russ Still and The Moonshiners’ Still Cookin and a chat with Russ himself. That plus some great concerts and shout outs!

Concerts begin at: 00:39

Southern Ashes Back of My Mind 4:50

Interview: 11:39

Jake Ward: 36:42

Russ Still: 42:37

Interview: 52:53

Haunted Like Human:

Shout Outs 1:15:27

Bryce Dicus and the Mercenaries:

Jessica McVey:

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Southbound I-35 Episode 37

On this episode I review Phil Hamilton’s Brazos Wind, Announce the Nominees for the 2017 Ameripolitan Music Awards, feature a bit more Ameripolitan Music, more Texas Wants You Anyway, and Shout Outs including an interview with an up-and-coming Texas Country artist!


Brian Christopher and the Wild Oats:

Shane Smith and the Saints:

Phil Hamilton:

Cale Tyson:

Brand 307:

Jake Anderson:

Sean Curtis Band:

Wayne Garner Band:

Memphis Kee:

The Guadalupe Pirates:

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Southbound I-35 Episode 23


On this week’s episode I talk about the Dalton Domino Concert featuring Charlie Stout and Austin Meade, a Shane Smith and Cody Sparks concert, the passing of Guy Clark, review albums by The Powell Brothers and Costello as well as interview them.  Plus a new Texas Wants You Anyway segment and more Shout Outs!

Charlie Stout:

Austin Meade:

Dalton Domino:

Cody Sparks Band


Shane Smith and the Saints:


Guy Clark:

The Powell Brothers:


The Apollo Affair:

Rick Brantley:

Brennen Leigh:

Rance May:

Austin Meade:

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Shane Smith and the Saints