Southbound I-35 Episode 53

On This week’s episode I review Jason Eady’s Self Titled Album, THe Hummingbird’s 13 Days as well as talk to SG Wood about their music as well as 4 Texas Wants You Anyway Shout Outs and 4 Shout Outs, all that and The Powell Brothers and Gary P Nunn concerts!


Concerts: 1:00

The Powell Brothers:

Gary P Nunn:

Jason Eady:5:17

Hummingbirds: 18:45

Interview 33:08

TWYA Shout Outs: 54:47

Diff and Dudley:

Russ Still:

The Darlins:

Blake Berglund:
Pre Order Realms:

Shout Outs: 59:35

Marty Heddin:

Cody Jinks:

Brent Giddens:

Ace of Spades:


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Southbound I-35 Episode 29

On this episode I review Lady and West’s album Bright Soul and talk to them about it, do a short review of Echo Sparks’ album Ghost Town Girl and talk to them about their music, Texas Wants You Anyway features, and shout outs!

Dolly Shine:

Lady and West:

Echo Sparks:

Sam Newton:

Blake Berglund:

Tyson Colman:

The Shady Rest Band:

Shad Blair:

The Zach Willard Band:
Thanks for listening!


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