Southbound I-35 Episode 46

On this week’s episode of Southbound I-35 I’ve got an EP Double Shot for y’all!  First I talk about Kensie Coppin’s self titled album and interview her about her experience as a musician, then I’ve got Dan Conklin and the Regulators with Live at OUtland Ballroom as well as an interview with Dan himself.  Also on this episode are a few announcements, a Matt and the Herdsmen concert and of course:  Shout Outs!

Matt and the Herdsmen:

Kensie Coppin:

Dan Conklin and the Regulators:

Eddie Saenz:

Deryl Dodd:

Leah Marie:

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Southbound I-35 Episode 27

On this episode of Southbound I-35 I talk about The Cody Sparks Band’s album Sinners and the Saved, interview Tyler Fletcher of the Northbank Stranglers about their upcoming album Dead City Blues as well as a new Texas Wants You Anyway segment and more Shout Outs.

Check Out:

Red Shahan:
Men and Coyotes by Red Shahan

American Aquarium:
Wolves by American Aquarium

Cody Sparks Band:
Sinners and the Saved by Cody Sparks Band

The Northbank Stranglers:
Lonely’s Only Prayer – Single by The Northbank Stranglers

Emma Moore:
Sam Newton:
Lady and West:
Jeremiah Jones:
Matt and the Herdsmen:


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