Southbound I-35 3 Year Anniversary Special


It’s been three whole years y’all! To celebrate I’m bringing you 4 great albums by some amazing artists. We’ll start things off with Mandy Rowden’s When That Day Comes and Travis Linville’s Up Ahead each with some words from the artists themselves and keep things going with Bonnie Montgomery’s Forever and Mariel Buckley’s Driving in the Dark plus a Shout Out.


Mandy Rowden

Suicide Prevention:

Travis Linville:

Bonnie Montgomerie:

Mariel Buckley:

Betty Overstreet:

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Southbound I-35 Episode 31


Travis Erwin Barbadum Books:

Mandy Rowden:

Girl Guitar:

Bonnie Montgomery:

John Paul Hodge:

Jay Stott:

Colter Wall:

Nick Dittmeier and the Sawdusters:

Steven James and the Jaded:

Jay Dirks:

Reckless Kelly:

Micah Cheatham:

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Southbound I-35 Episode 28

On this week’s episode I review Southern Sky’s Way Down Deep as well as talk with them about their music, talk about some concert I went to, shout outs, and a special announcement!

Dale Watson:

Reverend Horton Heat:

Cody Sparks:

Elsa Cross:

Bonnie Montgomery:

Southern Sky:

Miles Williams:

The Statesboro Revue:

Cody Wayne Band:

Roy Solis:

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Southbound I-35 Episode 22


On this week’s episode I talk about Sunny Sweeney’s concert at Wagner’s Backyard, The Haberdasher’s self-titled EP as well as my interview with them, an announcement about Aaron Einhouse’s new album It Ain’t Pretty, and more shout outs!

Sunny Sweeney:

Jake Clayton:

The Haberdashers:

Aaron Einhouse:

Bonnie Montgomery:

Jon Wolfe:

William Clark Green:


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