Southbound I-35 2 Year Anniversary Special

This episode marks two full years of Southbound I-35 so get ready for over 2 hours of great music! After some reminiscing about the past year I’ll answer some questions that y’all sent in via Twitter and Facebook, talk to Cody Starr about his music blog, and then cover some concerts before reviewing Aaron Watson’s Vaquero, Eddie Saenz’ new album 17 Hours and ask him some questions about it. Then for the Texas Wants You Anyway section I’ll review Colter Wall’s new self titled album as well as Tyson Colman’s From Now On and talk with him about his album. Then stay tuned for some great Shout Outs!


Inteview with Cody Starr Begins around 10:50

Concerts 40:50

Luke Redfield:

Jake Ward:

Curtis Grimes:


Aaron Watson Vaquero Review: 44:54

Eddie Saenz 17 Hours Review: 1:04:10

Eddie Saenz Interview: 1:16:32

Colter Wall Album Review: 1:41:13

From Now On Review: 1:53:55

Tyson Colman Interview: 2:08:31

TWYA/Shout Outs: 2:20:08

Mikele Buck Band:

Randy Burghardt:

Drew Fish Band:

Aaron McDonnell:

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Southbound I-35 Episode 25


This episode marks one whole year of Southboubd I-35!

I will be talking about the past year, reviewing Charlie Stout’s Dust and Wind: Flatlans Murder Ballads and High Plains Hymns, Dolly Shine’s Walkabout, Interviewinf Aaron Einhouse and more!
Chris Beall:
Charlie Stout:
Dolly Shine:
Walkabout by Dolly Shine
Aaron Einhouse:
It Ain’t Pretty by Aaron Einhouse
Dan Johnson:
Bootlegged: Live from Midnight Rodeo – EP by Dan Johnson & The Salt Cedar Rebels
The Hummingbirds:
13 Days by The HummingBirds
Jesse Taylor:
The W Lovers:
Canyon Wind – Single by The W Lovers
Tom Bennett:
The South Austin Moonlighters:
Ghost of a Small Town by The South Austin Moonlighters
The Resentments
Jeff Plankenhorn:
Garner Sloan:
Old Heart, New Road by Garner Sloan
Josh Vincent:
Small Town Stuff – EP by Josh Vincent
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