Music Submission

Want your music to be featured on the show?  I’d love to give it a listen!  Read through the following to learn what submitting your music means, what I’m looking for, and how to do so.

Before you submit your music please understand that submitting music does not guarantee a feature. By submitting music to me you are acknowledging that you are either the rights holder or legal representative  There are specific standards for the music covered on the show (See below).

The best way to learn what I’m looking for is to give the show a listen for yourself, but I understand that you might not have time to do so.  So let me give a brief breakdown of what I’m looking for.  Southbound I-35 covers Texas Country, Red Dirt, and Americana and primarily focus on the Texas and Oklahoma scene.  That doesn’t mean that if you’re not from here you’re disqualified, though! I have a segment called “Texas Wants You Anyway” that showcases music from beyond the local scene.

The following are the standards for each of the categories:

Texas Country

Texas Country means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. If you answer yes to more than one of the following questions you probably qualify for this category:

Do you play Country Music or some form of Americana?

Are you from, do you currently live in, or perform regularly in Texas?

Do you have songs on Texas radio?

Do you have a fiddle in the band?

Red Dirt

Red Dirt also has a pretty broad definition with some even going as far as saying that it is more of an attitude or state of mind than a genre.  You can basically take the Texas Country criteria and stretch the boundaries across Oklahoma and surrounding states.  

Texas Wants You Anyway 

Do you not identify as Texas Country or Red Dirt but still do Americana?  Submit your music anyway!  I’m always looking for great Americana from all around the world to showcase on my show on this monthly feature.


Were those definitions still a bit broad?  Let me spell out some things that will disqualify your music.  If you answer ‘yes’ to more than one of these you’re probably disqualified:
Are you Pop or “Bro” Country (Does it primarily focus on partying, trucks, nameless/faceless women with few defining features aside from being eye candy?)? 

Does your music involve heavy use of electronic music?  By ‘electronic music’ I mean drum machines, EDM riffs, explicit autotune, synthetic instrumentation*,etc.  

*Keyboards and other electric instruments such as guitars and fiddle (that are actually played by people) are fine.

Does it involve rap or modern R&B stylings?

Do you have a pop remix of any of your songs?

Do you have a lot of songs focused on how country you are?

Are you Florida Georgia Line?

In addition to that, please do not send me Christmas or other holiday themed songs.  Since podcasts are essentially Radio On-Demand, listeners can pull up any episode at any time and I want them to be appropriate for all year round.  I would be fine with talking about such songs on my blog, but not on the show itself.  

Also, please only send original songs. Covers complicate things for me, because with very few past exceptions I do not use songs unless I have permission from the artist and I would need permission from the songwriter to use it.  I admittedly might be misunderstanding the copyright laws regarding this, but until I learn otherwise I will not feature covers.  If, however, you feel like it would be a good example of your range, feel free to send one along with your original song.  

The Submission Process

To submit your song send an email to with Podcast Submission and you or your band’s name in the subject line.  Example:  Podcast Submission – David Ryan and the Southbound Traffic Band
I only accept songs in MP3 format with all of the meta data (Song Title, Album Title, Artist, Track Names/Numbers, etc.) filled in.  This makes it easy for me to import into my playlist and listen.  Please feel free to attach the files or send them through Dropbox or Google Drive.  I also accept physical copies; just email me for my address.

I look forward to checking out your music!