Southbound I-35 Episode 19


On this episode of Southbound I-35 I talk about some upcoming albums, review Dave Martinez’ EP Two Wolves, talk about some great musicians outside of the Texas/Oklahoma scene, and of course, more shout outs!

Cody Sparks Band:


The Gibbonses:


Dave Martinez:

Two Wolves:

Gravity: (Coming Soon)


Ray Scott:


The Mallet Brothers Band:


Ty Dillon:


Bubba Westly and the Interstate Heartbreak:


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Southbound I-35 Episode 18


In This episode I review Chris King’s newest album Animal, Rich O’Toole’s new single Back to Back and talk about three more artists you should definitely check out!

The Gibbonses:

Chris King:

Rich O’Toole:

Kaitlin Butts:

Ransom Rhodes:

Anthony Ray Wright:

Half Man:

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