Curtis Grimes and Aaron Copeland Concert At Gruene Hall

This past weekend I made it down to Gruene Hall to see Aaron Copeland and Curtis Grimes. 

If you want the Cliffnotes watch this:

 I met Aaron back in June at the Shane Smith and the Saints concert at Wild West in Cedar Park and Bennett Brown introduced me after his set was over.  I really enjoyed his music (so much that I  featured it in my second episode), but he mostly plays out east near the coast so until this weekend I hadn’t had the opportunity.  Even after knowing about it for a month…  I somehow managed to get there late and only saw the last half of their set.

The little bit that I did get to see was great though.  He played a bunch of new songs including Lonely Nights and Barfights as well as his single Going Out Tonight.  We meet up after his show and did a real quick interview:

Curtis Grimes came on afterwards and also put on a great performance.  I’ve only seen him once before at the late Dallas Night Club in Austin and only the very tail end of the show.  He has a lot of songs that I like on the radio, though, and I also got his album Doing My Time which I’ve enjoyed for a while.

  His live performances are as laid back and down to earth as his music; he tells stories behind his songs and encourages people to sing along.  He sang a good mix of songs from his old stuff to his new like Cowboy Kind to Smile That Smile and everyone had a blast.

If you haven’t heard him yet, check him out, especially if you like more laid back music.  Also definitely check out Aaron Copeland.  Both of these guys make great music that is fun to dance to!

Southbound I-35 Episode 17


On this episode of Southbound I-35 I talk about the Ameripolitan Music Awards and talk with Hunter Hutchinson about his music.

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Southbound I-35 Episode 16



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On this episode of Southbound I-35 I review Hunter Hutchinson’s What Do You Say, talk about some concerts, and some exciting announcements.

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Southbound I-35 Episode 15



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On this week’s episode of Southbound I-35 I review Crooks’ album Wildfire, talk about the Cody Sparks and Shane Smith concerts I went to this past week, some more about the Amerpolitan Music Awards and more!

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Southbound I-35 Episode 14


On This Episode I sat down to talk with Dan Johnson about his album, discuss a few concerts I went to recently, and three more shout outs! 
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Southbound I-35 Episode 13

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In this week’s episode I review Dan Johnson and the Salt Cedar Rebels’ self titled album, talk more about the Ameripolitan Music Awards, and introduce a brand new segment! 
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Southbound I-35 Episode 12

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On this episode of Southbound I-35 I sat down with Dale Watson to talk Ameripolitan music! I also talk about the Crooks concert at the ABGB and their impending break up. And of course, three more shout outs about musicians y’all should definitely check out! 
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